I take pictures too, sometimes.

Facel Vega dashboard
1957 Facel Vega HK dashboard
Lancia Aurelia B24S
Lancia Aurelia B24S
Vannes by night
Vannes, by night.
Vannes interstate headlights shot
New-York-interstate-style traffic shot.
Aston Martin DB9
Aston Martin DB9. This was the real 007's personal car; I found a box of his favorite cigars inside.
Delage D8-120
1949 Delage D8-120. The famous 407 V 38 one. Pas mal non ? C'est français.
Formula 1 in the air
I kid you not, I've been a Formula 1 photographer too.
Course de caisses à savon
La campagne ça vous gagne.
Benjamin GT40
Benjamin Workshop's Ford GT40 replica.
A bird.
I love birds
1963 Ferrari 250 GTE. Someone just bought it for a couple zillion dollars.